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Revive the spaces in your life to find peace and order in your daily routines.


Revive's Mission

Our goal is to help overwhelmed, working moms find peace in their homes and schedules, so that they can thrive in their purpose and overcome the feeling of not being enough.  

 "I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had collected over the years---and I had no idea where to even start with getting it all sorted and organized--but Brooke with Revive Your Space has been a miracle worker!"




How can I best serve you?

Professional Organizer, Organizing, Virtual Organizing, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Professional Organizer, Organizing, In-Home Organizing, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Professional Organizer, Organizing, DIY Organizing, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Are you outside of the Fredericksburg, VA area? Don't worry! I would love to help you via Skype or FaceTime to assess your space and come up with a plan of action to declutter, sort and organize in a functional and beautiful way. Though I will not be there physically to help with the heavy lifting, I will be there to motivate, encourage and share ideas to revive your space!

"I learned so much about what to toss and how to organize what's left." 


Do you live in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area? I would love to come visit your space and not only give you a plan to organize the areas of your life, but to also walk you through step by step as we declutter, sort and contain your possessions in a functional and beautiful way. Let's revive your space together!

Are you wanting to get organized at your own pace, but need a personalized plan for your space?  Stay motivated with a detailed outline of where to start, what to buy and how to stay motivated.  

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