Packages and Pricing


Let's Work Together

We will make a plan together and work side by side to sort, purge, and organize in a 3-hour session. Your space will become more functionally and visually calming in order to revive your family's daily life.

Single Sessions $150 


Mini Package 


4 Sessions

12 hours

of in-home service 

Standard Package

8 Sessions
24 hours

of in-home service
10% savings

Premium Package


12 Sessions

36 hours

of in-home service

20% savings

Package pricing includes:
•    Research and design layouts custom to your project
•    Product shopping and organizing solutions to make for an easier process
•    Arranging appointments with other service providers
•    Arranging sale of items through consignment or online methods
•    One free carload of donations removal per session.


You will have unlimited access to your organizer until the completion of your project.

"You got so much more done than I ever thought.  When my husband sees this, he will definitely book another session.  It is a miracle!"



Combating Clutter Wherever You Are

If I can't come to you by car, I will come to you via Skype or FaceTime. We will look at your space and come up with a plan to tackle the clutter in a 90-minute consult. You will be able to work at your own pace and I will be there every step of the way to provide motivation, encouragement and guidance.


Premium Package

Six Months


6 Thirty Minute

Video Chats

20% Savings

Standard Package


Three Months


3 Thirty Minute

Video Chats

10% Savings

Mini Virtual Package


One Month


1 Thirty Minute

Video Chat

Package pricing includes:
•    An initial 90-minute Skype or FaceTime call to discuss the details of your project
•    A collaborative workspace set up for you in Asana (online project management application) where tasks are broken down and due dates are assigned
•    A monthly 30-minute check-in video chat to discuss progress and to set new goals.
•    Unlimited email correspondence between you and your organizer to get ideas and feedback

You will have unlimited access to your organizer until the completion of your project.  

DIY Organizing

It Doesn't Have to be All or Nothing

Wishing to have someone tell you where to start, what to buy and how to keep the motivation going?  This might be the plan for you if:  you want to get organized on your own schedule, you are motivated and committed to completing assigned tasks on your own and you are seeking a personalized plan. 

Mini Virtual Package


One Month

One Room

60-90 Min. Consultation

1 Thirty-Min. Follow-Up Call

Whole Home

60-90 Min. Consultation


Thirty-Min Follow-Up Calls


Package pricing includes:
•    60-90 minute consult (in person or via Skype)
•    Custom Pinterest board with inspiration
•    Product recommendations
•    Customized step-by-step plan delivered within 3 business days


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